The Nordic Fake orgasm experiment

The new show Masters of Sex was launched by letting people donate and rate fake orgasms to give them a first hand experience of the show.

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Blood Is Needed

We created awareness for the 6th season of True Blood by teaming up with the blood banks in scandinavia and got people to donate blood for the vampires.

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It’s HBO

Print series stating how HBO does things differently.




HBO new shows

Outdoor campaign focused on a variety of new shows available soon.

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Dragon hook

To build excitement for the fourth season of Game of Thrones we mounted dragon hooks next to dog parking hooks around Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm.

GoT Dragekrog board 1000 bredde

The Storm Is Coming

To promote the new show Vikings arrival in Denmark, we bend posters and turned them into viking sails.


The Throne Is Mine

We turned a bus stop into the Iron Throne to create excitement for the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

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GoT exhibition invitation

Letterpressed leather invitations for the Game of Thrones exhibition in Oslo to the press and media in Scandinavia.

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The messenger

The arrival of Game of Thrones in Scandinavia was launched by sending letters from Catelyn Stark to the royal families.

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Press Book

A book about HBO Nordic and their current and upcoming shows for the press and media in Scandinavia.